Shots from my shoot with Actress Mandy Fason

Mandy came to me about a week ago and shared her thoughts on an idea she had.  She wanted to shave her hair for a role she's playing in movie.  Not everyone can do what Mandy has done, most because of the fear of not having hair and the reactions they'll receive.  To be honest I wasn't sure for her either for those reasons.  It takes someone with strong character to pull this off.  With or without hair she's shown how important her passion is for acting and that to me is beautiful.  Here are some shots from our shoot.

Busy, busy, busy...

We have a new website and blog!  The new website and recent travel, three times to Chicago in the last month, have kept me away from shooting.

I haven't picked up my camera in over a month and for me, that is a extremely long time.  The last set of photos I've taken was in Washington, DC. for the Cherry Blossom Festival and my last model shoot was on April 2nd with Hollis.  So it has been over two months since my last real shoot.  Needless to say I am very much looking forward to getting out and shooting something...  Anything!

Next week I'll be traveling to San Francisco for Google I/O.  I'm looking forward to this conference and the opportunities to shoot in Northern California.  Hopefully I'll have time to do more blogging. after this trip.

My exciting news to share is that I'll have a new studio starting June 1st so I'll definitely be shooting much more after that date.