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Today's roll of tri-x developed in 1:15 dilusion of Ilfotech HC.

First minutes consent agitation 

10 second agitation every minute thereafter for a 9 minute development cycle. 


sample image above

sample image above

Shots from my shoot with Actress Mandy Fason

Mandy came to me about a week ago and shared her thoughts on an idea she had.  She wanted to shave her hair for a role she's playing in movie.  Not everyone can do what Mandy has done, most because of the fear of not having hair and the reactions they'll receive.  To be honest I wasn't sure for her either for those reasons.  It takes someone with strong character to pull this off.  With or without hair she's shown how important her passion is for acting and that to me is beautiful.  Here are some shots from our shoot.

Glimpse In Time ~ Bound and Beautiful

I'm starting a new series and I know, or suspect, that it will not go on for long.  This series of photos will only be shown on my blog.  The series "Glimpse In Time ~ Bond and Beautiful" 


I couldn't think of a better person to start this series off with.  The model here is the lovely @Ediebidie3 on Instagram.