Glimpse -- a Moment, a Glimmer... 

Timeless moments captured in a flash of light.  An emphasis on lighting is used to capture each moment in time.  

Capturing each moment in camera does not end when the photograph is taken.  Each photo I capture is a moment that requires an individual level of detail and care.  

My interest in art is what brought me to photography.  As a former figure artist capturing images with a camera has replaced my need to use chalk and paper.  Over the years I have done landscape, sports, event and wedding photography.  I started shooting and processing film images in 1978.  I did not pick up photography again until the mid 80’s at which time I shot on a much more casual basis.  My First digital SLR was a Konica Minolta Dimage  which I got in the mid 90’s.  Shortly thereafter it started to come clear to me that my interest in capturing images had grown.  I bought a Nikon D80 in 2006 and I have honestly been taking pictures nearly everyday since then.  Glamour, Fashion and art seem to draw most of my attention these days. 

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Glimpse In Time by Richard Swift.

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