Social Media

Don't get me started... 

This image was posted yesterday and had been censored twice.  Once with pixelate and with lines through the nipples.  So double censored and it was removed from Instagram.  I see nothing wrong with it, other then the fact that some people will be offended in seeing it because they think of it as porn.  This mindset and way of thinking is stupid and idiotic.  I will never understand people who believe seeing a nipple on a woman means porn. I see a beautiful photograph of a woman.  Anyway, I'll be taking a long break from posting my work on social media.  I can not invest my time on platforms that can not distinguish the difference between my work and porn.  There is a difference and I do not shoot porn, nor am I interested in doing so.








A picture a day #1

Lets see how long this will last.  I intend to share at least one photo a day on my blog for as long as it'll last.  I'll start with shots that may or may not have been taken the same day but I'll eventually only post on my blog photos that were actually taken the same day it posted.  Wish me luck, here goes image number 1.

I took this image on Feb. 7th 2015 during a shoot with the Lovely playboy cover girl Melissa Jean.