Glimpse In Time ~ Bound and Beautiful

I'm starting a new series and I know, or suspect, that it will not go on for long.  This series of photos will only be shown on my blog.  The series "Glimpse In Time ~ Bond and Beautiful" 


I couldn't think of a better person to start this series off with.  The model here is the lovely @Ediebidie3 on Instagram.  

1950's Pinup shoot with Mandy Fason

Here are a few shots from my shoot with Actor Mandy Fason.

MUA/Hair: Josie and Vee of ESBeautyMag 


Every model I work with is special to me but there are some occasions when you get to work with someone who's truly a diamond in the rough.   NattyBee would be a perfect example.   

To see her on tumblr: