Every model I work with is special to me but there are some occasions when you get to work with someone who's truly a diamond in the rough.   NattyBee would be a perfect example.   

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A picture a day #1

Lets see how long this will last.  I intend to share at least one photo a day on my blog for as long as it'll last.  I'll start with shots that may or may not have been taken the same day but I'll eventually only post on my blog photos that were actually taken the same day it posted.  Wish me luck, here goes image number 1.

I took this image on Feb. 7th 2015 during a shoot with the Lovely playboy cover girl Melissa Jean.


Ballerina - Vik Tory

I have wanted to work with dancers for a very long time.  I finally got the opportunity to work with a very experienced dancer.  Her name is Viktoria and she was absolutely amazing to work with.  Here are a few images we created together.  I can't wait until my next opportunity to work with a dancer.  But finding one with the talent Viktoria has is rare.

Icon, hero, superstar

Our modern take on Marilyn.

Many thanks go out to Sophia for allowing me to capture her in the likeness of one of the most storied model in modern times ( Norma Jeane aka Marilyn Monroe ).

I'd also like to thank Heather who answered my call out for a MUA at 7am, the day of our shoot.  Heather I can not thank you enough for not only answering but doing a fantastic job helping Sophia and I create the likeness of a legend. 

Sophia, you know the deal, call me anytime for a shoot.